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Edmonton LASIK Surgeon, Dr. Joseph Leong-Sit, MD FRCS(C) At Eye Q, patient care comes first, and we take this commitment seriously. We are privileged to participate in your laser vision correction experience, and recognize that this once in a lifetime event is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make for your eye health. We assure you that the mandate of our center is to provide the latest technology, surgical skill, knowledge, and comfort, with no compromise.

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Over 1 Million Intralase Procedures

"I wore glasses since childhood due to high myopia. After also developing cataracts, I discussed the possibility of cataract extractions and intra-ocular lenses with Dr. Leong-Sit. I was interested in improved vision and not having to rely on heavy lenses. Contact lenses were never comfortable, although I had worn them for many years...." click to read more
- Candace B.

"I had thought about laser eye correction for quite some time and I knew that my overuse of contacts was very unhealthy for my eyes and there would be a time where I couldn’t wear contacts any more. That really concerned me since I was never a glasses type person....." click to read more
- Alison B.

"This was the easiest surgery ever! I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to! It was painless! The staff was very friendly, honest, and comforting! And after surgery, my eyes were only uncomfortable for about an hour! I was fine after and felt no pain at all...." click to read more
- Megan Mainville

"I wanted to write a testimonial for Dr. Leong-Sit and what an amazing job he did for me. I’m one of those people who always felt that I should have never have had to wear glasses! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old, with my prescription getting worse every year to where I was at approximately -9.75 in each eye with a high astigmatism in my right eye...." click to read more
- Syma Uram

"I had my laser eye surgery over a year ago now and I must admit that it was one of the best decisions in my life. I did not have a major prescription but it was bad enough that I had to wear glasses all the time which really affected the things that I did on my leisure time...." click to read more
- Mandy Klohn

"I can't believe how a six minute procedure could so immediately and drastically correct my vision... Doctor Joe Leong-Sit is a master in the art of Laser Surgery. My care was personalize to my special needs. He is a highly experienced professional. I felt safe with his knowledge of the technology and I fully trust in his ability to work with me to make the right choice for my vision..."
- Janice J. Hengsbach RN. Unit Manager Of Ophthalmology

"I had my eyes corrected back in June of 2008. I was sent to you guys by my eye doctor, and am very pleased with his recommendation. From my first consultation right through to my follow up appointments I received excellent service. All the staff were super friendly and professional every step of the way. And, most importantly, I can see!!! Thank you very much."
- Taylor McDougall

Offering Quality Lasik, PRK and Laser Eye Surgery Services to the following communities:

Beaumont, Camrose, Edmonton, Edson, Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, Fort St. John, Leduc, Lloydminster, Peace River, Ponoka, Prince George, Spruce Grove, Red Deer, Saskatoon, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Sylvan Lake, Wetaskiwin, and Whitecourt.


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What We Offer

Laser Eye and Lasik Surgery in Edmonton

We feel that a full service refractive surgical center in Edmonton is necessary to anticipate the growing needs of our patients. As such, Eye Q has been developed with two operating theaters, one for laser vision correction (Lasik Surgery), and the second an intraocular procedure theater. This physical facility allows us to offer the best in corneal laser vision correction (LASIK (wavefront) and PRK), as well as other surgical options such as the Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) and Refractive Lens Exchange. Eye Q will be equipped with only state of the art technology. We are happy to announce our association with Advanced Medical Optics for their technology in the Intralase Femtosecond FS60 laser for bladeless flap creation as well as the VisX S4 CustomVue with Iris Registration for refractive ablation. With this combination of technology and quality service, we are certain that you will not find a better option for your vision correction.

Customized Solutions for Cataract Surgery Patients

Some of us can’t see far away…some of us can’t see up close…and some of us even see things like spots, shadows and lines in our field of vision. Basically, we all see things differently. Because our vision levels are not the same, every case of cataracts is also unique. Therefore, at Eye Q, we offer numerous options for our patients facing cataract surgery. Our doctors will meet with you to discuss which option will help you get the best vision after surgery and help you live an active post-cataract surgery lifestyle.

Some of the latest cataract surgery procedures we offer include multifocal lens implants like ReSTOR, and Toric lens implants. No matter which option you and your doctor choose to treat your cataracts, we will make sure your choice best suits YOUR unique vision needs.

Non-Lasik Eye Surgery Options

For many reasons, not everyone is a candidate for Lasik. Some of the reasons why we aren’t a good fit for Lasik include various eye conditions, poor vision levels, and numerous physiological conditions. Regardless of the reason why Lasik doesn’t work for someone, there are options available for people who have been told that they are not ideal candidates for Lasik. At Eye Q, we offer many options to our non-Lasik candidates including:

  • Implantable Contact Lenses (ICLs), also known as Phakic intraocular lenses (IOLs)
  • Visian Implantable Contact Lenses
  • -Refractive Lens Exchange procedures

No matter which non-Lasik option you and your doctor choose, our goal is to improve your vision and allow you to enjoy all of life’s activities like watching live sporting events, driving at night and even reading without glasses!

Premium Eye Care

At Eye Q, "Premium" means corneal subspecialist care, state of the art technology, and a hand picked surgical and counseling team. You can be confident that your surgical care will be delivered in a setting with over 40 years of collective experience in refractive and ophthalmic surgery between the surgeon and his two surgical technicians. Your very important questions will be answered by staff who are trained, experienced, and exposed to regular continuing medical education through inservices and operating theatre experience.

Shirley Galliford: ORT (Operating Room Technician) 41 years experience in Ophthalmology surgery.

Cindy Gemmell: 17 years experience in Ophthalmology and refractive surgery.

Patricia Da Silva: 4 years refractive experience as a refractive counselor and Optometric experience.

Cheryl Dominiuk: 4 years experience as a cataract counselor and Optometric experience.

Cheryl Cable: 4years of experience in Refractive Counseling


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